So your child has entered the world of kindergarten!  Going to school all day is a big jump.  This class is now an extra activity for your child.

Now that your child has the understanding of what a dance class consists of, they can start to focus more closely on the dance technique. While still having fun  in class and being with friends who may not be from the same school, their dance abilities will grow!

This class will focus on the Ballet technique and Tap technique.

They will be given the choice to participate in the end of the year Recital which they can showcase their talents that they have practiced all year. For more information on our Recital please look at our “Shows” category.


  • Monday 4:15-5-00 pm > Hip Hop
  • Wednesday 3:45-4:45 pm > Ballet, Tap and Tumbling
  • Thursday 4:00-5:00pm> Ballet, Tap and Tumbling



Please check out our tuition rates or call for any questions.

Class Attire:

(The mandatory uniform must be purchased through the Academy)

  • Lavender leotard
  • Lavender Skirt
  • Pink footed tights
  • Pink ballet shoes
  • Black taps