Creative Movement

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What is Creative Movement?

Fun! Fun! Fun! From an early age, children begin to show movement to music. We want you to be aware that this is not just a movement class but a well constructed dance class that consists of ballet, tap and basic tumbling. It is especially designed to provide children with the knowledge of movement and dance concepts while being engaged in a positive noncompetitive environment.

Your child will use skills to perform song and dance along with other patterns to help improve physical and social awareness such as:

  • Body awareness, control, balance and coordination

  • Listening skills and ability to follow directions

  • Classroom behavior and manners

  • Self-esteem, self-discipline, self-expression and the willingness to try new things

  • Cooperation with others including taking turns, incorporated with a positive attitude

  • Your child will be able to showcase what they have learned throughout the year at our end of the year recital. For more information please look under “Performances” category.

Class Times:

Monday 9:30-10:15am
Thursday 9:30-10:15 am
Saturday 9:30-10:15am
All classes consist of Ballet, Tap and pre tumbling


Tuitions is $ 62.00 per month for a 45 minute class.

Class Attire:

This class uniform is mandatory.
Pink Leotard (must be purchased at the Academy)
Pink footed tights and pink ballets (may be purchased at the Academy).
Pink skirt (Optional)
Black tap shoes
Hair must be up and out of the face. (pony tails , pigtails, etc.)